Interested in finding out more about Flair Interactive Services? Here's what some of our clients have to say about us.


    Web site redesign (4 sites)
    Software company

    "The new sites are a HUGE improvement to the prior offerings...THANK YOU very very much!!!"

    -Andy H., IT manager

    Web site redesign
    Software company in the automotive industry

    "This is great…looks great… we are all very excited. Nice timing as well as I can introduce it at our company meeting today. Thanks for all your hard work."
    Ken H., President


    Technology company in the manufacturing industry

    "The new format of [the newsletter] looks great. The stories were interesting, informative and concise. Great job!"

    - D.D., Sales Representative


    Web site
    Fortune 500 company in the restaurant industry

    "What a GREAT job on the wireframes and the rules document! It was very easy for me to understand everything. Also, it was well thought out and practical. For the first time in my web development project life, Tech and Creative actually sat down and discussed fine points of wireframes. This is amazing and promising..."

    - Ravi A., Technical Developer


    Article about Web design
    WWWiz.com magazine

    "Your article was right on point for planning the architecture of several Web sites I plan on designing. Thank you again for providing vital Web survival information."

    - Martin J., Consultant


    Web site
    Fortune 500 company in the restaurant industry

    "This note is to say thank you for your hard work, ingenuity and resourcefulness through the course of the project. I know that you have given up your weekends to come here and work to either complete your piece of the puzzle or to pitch in and help out the rest of the team..."

    - Jenny A, Project Manager


    Article about an engineering research facility
    Technical magazine

    "I received my copy of the magazine yesterday. I am very happy with the article--you really did a wonderful job! It is very well written, and I expect that it will generate some interest and activity at our Web site."

    - R.D., Lead Engineer


    Email template
    Technology company in the manufacturing industry

    "This is SO good! Congratulations on a super job! "

    - Greg O., Government Relations Specialist


    Print catalogs
    Fortune 500 retailer

    "I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work on the catalogs. Your dedication, professionalism, and the high quality of your work are very much appreciated. We never would have been able to pull this off without you!"

    - R.F., Account Executive


    Technology company in the manufacturing industry

    "I think the content and graphics are just what we want to convey. It's a great product. Thanks to all involved in its creation."

    - John A., V.P. of Marketing

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