McDonald's Receives Better Content Strategy and UX for AccessMCD, its Global Portal


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    Content strategy, content management, information architecture, user experience, content development, training


    McDonald's, a global leader in franchise restaurants, operates in more than 60 countries around the world. Restaurants are owned by owner-operators and franchisees with access to many of McDonald's global resources and departments, including Marketing, Restaurant Operations, Real Estate Development, Quality, Legal and Training, Learning and Development. 

    McDonald's struggled with developing an intranet that would serve all of its groups and needs, because the network of owner-operators is so vast and the information is so dense and globally distributed. An intranet redesign was needed, including the implementation of a content management system (CMS) to aid in maintenance efficiency and to ensure consistency across sites. Considerations such as multiple language options, connection speed within other countries, personalization and customized information made the redesign of their intranet a complex challenge.


    Managing director Lisa Kirschner and Stephanie Bach worked closely with stakeholders across every department within the corporate headquarters to identify requirements and understand existing content and systems. We also developed a taxonomy, created a content migration plan, defined the new site's structure and functionality using UX best practices, and completed training and instruction for a huge group of global content managers who would be using the new CMS to maintain content on a daily basis.

    The AccessMCD portal launched in multiple phases over time and is still live. McDonald's now enjoys a truly global intranet and has saved thousands of dollars in site maintenance and training costs.


    IT, Marketing and content management stakeholders are able to plan and manage their content more easily and efficiently due to an improved CMS, well-defined processes and improved training materials. In addition, members of the IT department have a better understanding of content strategy and UX best practices and can incorporate those into other projects on an ongoing basis, resulting in more user-friendly content, better user experiences and more efficient workflows. 

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