Keyword Strategy

    It used to be that keywords were one of the most important factors that search engines considered when ranking pages and sites. While that's not true anymore, it's still important that you define specific keywords or keyword phrases for every page on your site in order to fully engage visitors and solidify your content strategy. 

    We can help you understand how modern search engines look at keywords and what you need to do to define and implement a solid keyword strategy.  

    Key Benefits

    • Shift the way that you think about keywords to ensure that you're following modern best practices

    • Confirm that every page in your site conveys a clear purpose to your visitors who will be searching or browsing with specific keywords in mind

    • Utilize your keywords to define more complex site features and functionality--such as calls to action (CTAs), targeted email campaigns and personalized content

    • Lay the foundation for future products and services in your keyword strategy

    Contact us today to get your keyword analysis and to learn about how you can leverage keywords in a modern search strategy.

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