Email Marketing

    When's the last time you sent out an email to your mailing list? Or if you have sent out emails recently, are they getting you results?

    Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to nurture existing leads, reinvigorate dead leads or gain the trust of newcomers to your list. However, most marketers aren't using it effectively because they think it's too difficult, too time-consuming and provides too little return on investment.

    We'll help you understand email marketing best practices and put together a plan to take full advantage of this unbeatable marketing tool. Our team is familiar with a wide variety of email marketing tools (but we have to admit that we're smitten with Hubspot!).

    Key Benefits

    • Create a manageable email marketing plan that will allow you to quickly and easily reach out to prospects, current customers and previous customers

    • Find out how quickly and easily you can create emails that really speak to your users and motivate them to act

    • Learn about modern best practices that will improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts

    • Nurture existing leads or bring dead leads back to life

    • Create personalized email content for different users based upon where they are in the buying cycle, what type of lead they are or hundreds of other factors (including industry, location, the products or services in which they're interested or more) 

    Contact us now to learn how you can get started with email marketing or how we can support your ongoing email marketing needs.

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