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    A large marketing company in the northern suburbs of Chicago knew that it needed to create consistent, engaging content for its Broadband Info social media channels and blog. However, knowing what needs to be done and setting aside the time to do it are very different things! The marketing team was already working with Flair on several other projects, so they asked us to step in and manage their blog and social presence on a day-to-day basis.


    Our team handled all of the following tasks on an ongoing basis:

    • planning blog and social media topics in an editorial calendar
    • monitoring industry news and events for content curation opportunities
    • writing content
    • publishing social and blog posts
    • monitoring feedback 
    • engaging with users to provide a timely and professional response
    • monitoring or rejecting spam 
    • escalating support issues to the appropriate internal contacts
    • updating Wordpress and plugins as needed 


    Our involvement freed up time for members of the marketing team every week, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks. Consistent and engaging posts also helped to drive traffic to the site, and real-time monitoring provided superior customer service for their customers.

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